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Due to the current epidemic, GreenByrd has had to cancel any conventions planned this year, however that does not mean we aren't setting goals for next year. We will use this page to list any convention appearances or events we'll be at. 

We are still making moves forward during these difficult times, so rest assured we are preparing for a great 2021! We will be announcing new titles and team members in the near future. We are also working on other ways to interact with the community: like hosting a contest and planning a charity event (stay tuned for that). 

These are rough times for everyone. We want to bring joy and be a positive source for people to escape from all the chaos.

We appreciate any support and can't wait to show you what's next for GreenByrd.

Stay safe and be well!


Premiered December 18, 2019

We sit down with Ms.Nauddy on Meeting In The Ladies Room live on Power 106 FM KY to talk about the business, conventions, black art in comics and film, and so much more!

It was a great discussion and we hope to be back on again for a second time sometime in the future.


We had the pleasure of making a returning appearance on "A Podcast With..." for a second time last month. It was a delightful conversation between us and the host. After a 2 year break we discuss what we've been up to since the last episode, the expansion of our brand, our personal projects, as well as our adventures at conventions in 2019.

A Podcast With...

Premiered January 2018

In this episode host Stephen Kapsalakis talks with Mickel Green and Mikayla Byrd about their company GreenByrd comics, their existing and future projects as well as what motivates them.

MARCH 28, 2018

Welcome to 50Talk2, American Fantastic's interview podcasts with Louisville artists. Come sink your teeth into the best Derby City has to offer. This week, host John Beechem speaks to Mickel Green and Mikayla Byrd about Black Angel, the first comic book from their imprint Green Byrd Comics. Then join John and Maplex Monk as they speak to Kavi Shakur, a young hip-hop artist and psychedelic who describes his music as "trip-house". 


50Talk2 (Ep. 1 - Green Byrd)American Fantastic Podcast
00:00 / 25:10
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