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Story and Ink Illustration by Mickel Green.

Volume 1 & 2 Coloring and editing by Mikayla Byrd.

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The story so far...

Black Angel Issue #1:

In a post-apocalyptic Derbi City, evil has taken over and an army of the "Fallen” torture and torment the remaining few who reside in the barren asphalt jungle. But, there is one among the army that has lost his memory due to a revealing confrontation, and regaining those memories through journeying 

alongside an ambitious young girl, named 'Hope', could be the key to his redemption.


Black Angel Issue #2:

Clouded by memories of the past, a young scientist looks for answers as to why the world has gone cataclysmic. Along with what's left of a small resistance, and her father's closest friend, answers will for sure surface, along with some unexpected outcomes....

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