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What is

GreenByrd Comics?

GreenByrd Comics started as a collaboration of two artists self-producing comics

and graphic novels.

Our goal was to create a company that can publish our own work without the dependence of a traditional publisher.


GreenByrd Comics first began because of an idea Mickel Green had to turn his art into something mainstream. In 2016 he approached fellow artist Mikayla Byrd with the idea of starting a comic series, and since then, GreenByrd Comics has evolved into something much bigger.

We hope GreenByrd Comics becomes a place where artists who are passionate about art and storytelling can get together and share their creativity with the world. 


Though small now, GreenByrd Comics has a LOT of big plans for the coming future!

meet the creators

mickel profile pic_edited.jpg






    Born in Fort Benning, GA, and growing up in Anniston, AL, Mickel Green was always fascinated by his surroundings; whether it be the modernized structure of a building, the interesting pose of a statue, the movement/stillness of nature, or even the simplicity of normal, everyday things. There was always something that caught his eye and intrigued him to recreate/mimic it somehow. 

    He started drawing at a young age; first, drawing characters from 1980's cartoons like, The Simpsons and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Later, he bought his first comic book, which was 1991's X-Men #19, and from that point on he started on his journey to recreating the human figure from a comic book standpoint.

    After high school and through college, he took up traditional painting and excelled in all courses taken. He created, as well as participated, in many art shows throughout the city of Louisville, KY.  He decided to take all he had learned throughout his art career and apply it to his first love of character design, and set out to start a business he could call his own.

    He partnered with one of the artists that participated in one of his previous art exhibitions, by the name of Mikayla Byrd (currently not with GB), and GreenByrd Comics was created in the summer of 2017.

    Mickel has since written and drawn Black Angel books 1 & 2, as well as Black Friday book 1 and the upcoming Black Friday book 2.


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